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Banquet / Reception Hall

The Best Could Cost Less !

Banquet Facility is available for public use

Start your banquet and events off right , Hubbard Chapel has a bright and innovative indoor space with a kitchen, bar, tables and chairs to fit your banquet needs, we allow for food and bar catering services, we have a classical stage and reception at a sole location saving you time and money while also reducing everyone’s stress,  we welcome celebration at our low cost historic treasure.



You can rejoice with the knowledge that on your community event you will have a meaningful affordable venue with over a 125 years of enriched artistry helping to providing a special and lasting memory for your distinguished event.

If you are hosting a banquet and want a warm historic venue, Hubbard Chapel is available for the public.

The main stage can provide entertainment between servings with a 1890 craftsman fashioned  room, with the glittering light originate from the bountiful stained glass windows,  giving the function a level of illuminated warmth and distinctive kaleidoscope appearance, that tops off a superior inspiration occasion. Then add  the intense gratification provided by the photographic splendor.

Partake in an insuring tradition of celebrating a major achievement by ringing the church belfry.  The ringing sweet harmony  and  picturesque moment will signal to your audience that you are overwhelmingly pleased  at exceeding your goals.

Now your guests can relax in the adjacent room enjoying the warmth and glow of a fireside as your backdrop, as you chat, tell stories and possibly future strategies.  While appreciating the ambiance of the fire,  it will be enjoyable knowing soon just steps away you can enjoying the delightful food and drink, with the lavish banquet where you can appreciate with your new relationships and gratifying partners.

Venture outside for your pleasure, enjoying the fresh air and the many stars in the sky that only a small town could provide, making this an unforgettable event.   Reduce the overall stress and tensions knowing you have one of the best manage operations and facilities to help guide you threw one of the most important events of your life.

hubbard c courtyard

Utilizing a single location, thus valuing your friends and business partners by providing an exclusive easy access to Portland and Salem with plenty of parking all designed for the complete classical wedding experience giving you more time with your family and relations, providing them the with the pleasure of being comfortable and content, while saving for all involved time, money while reduced stress.

Hear the bells ringing

At the Hubbard Chapel, you may bring your own food or catering, along with your choice of vendors, or choose from our preferred vendor list. Alcohol is allowed.


Original Sweet Sounding Church Bell
Bride Changing Room
Groom Changing Room
Religious Cross
Air Conditioning
Sound System
Gift/Guest Book Table
Greeting area
Kitchen with Stove and Refrigerator
and much more.

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Affordable Dream Wedding Image result for best of mid valley results 2018 Voted: Mid-Valley Wedding Gold Medal Winner 3 Years in a Row.