Price Comparison

Aspects of Local Wedding Venues:

Comparing 9 low priced wedding venues to see which is the most affordable in the Greater Portland area. 




Compared to several low cost, local wedding venues, Hubbard Chapel, is by far the overall leader.

Hubbard Chapel is very affordable when it comes to pricing.  You are able to choose between using only the chapel or reception hall or to use both the chapel and the reception hall for your wedding day. This makes Hubbard Chapel a very convenient place to hold your wedding, because you can pay for both the Chapel and the reception in one.

At our venue there are a large variety of accommodations that provide very good service for your dream wedding. One of the more useful accommodations, that other local venues do not include, is a chapel and reception area in one. Some other amenities include: bell tower ringing, elegant decoration, great acoustics, a sound system, air conditioning, bride and groom changing rooms, tables, chairs, a bar, plates, silverware, podium, parking with wheelchair accessibility, a greeting area, a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator, and so much more!

Please feel free to decorate the Chapel to fit your image of a Dream Wedding. You can also bring your own food or catering and alcohol, along with your choice of vendors, or we can supply you with some ideas of local vendors.

Below is a chart comparing our price, for 8 hours with 100 guests or less, with other local venues in the area of Hubbard Oregon. As you can see our prices make our venue very affordable for many couples to choose as their wedding venue.

Name of Venue City Price for 8 hours               
with 100 guests or less
Affordable Dream Weddings Hubbard Chapel Hubbard $1,175

Best Wedding Venue of the Mid-Valley Gold

(2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020)

Newell House Museum St. Paul $1,900  
Laurelhurst Club Portland $2,400  
Tumwater Ballroom Oregon City $3,000  
St. Josef’s Canby $3,450  
Pioneer Chapel Weddings Aurora $3,500  
Postlewait’s Country Canby $5,200  
Water Oasis Newberg $5,200  
Abernethy Oregon City $5,800  


Hubbard Chapel - Affordable Dream Wedding is committed to making your special event a lasting and cherished memory.