Affordable Dream Wedding is Voted Gold as Salem 2017 Best Wedding Venue.

Pioneer Church for Portland Oregon

Welcome Portland to Our Pioneer Church your could read about our rich history here: Pioneer Church.

Read Today’s many news articles and other writings about our historic Pioneer Church are here.

Having an Pioneer Church that has the additional capabilities of providing both the wedding ceremony and reception That give much more time to celebrate your wedding and less cost and headaches for you.

See what the newspapers say about our Wedding Venue here and Refurbished build historic church as wedding chapel.

We would like to offer our Pioneer church to the Portland community the opportunity to please view our Community Center, Events Conferences meeting and banquet hall, and Funeral Services  web pages.

Hubbard Chapel is a lovely historic church with a rich history. We welcome the citizens of Portland to our Pioneer Chapel.

We would like to offer the Portland community to our historic chapel built in 1892.

See how our reception room color can match your wedding colors.

If you would like to schedule a meeting or see or calendar please or more information please contact us below.

Pioneer Church : Hubbard Chapel at Dusk

See how our the meeting  room color can match your colors.

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Affordable Dream Wedding is Voted Gold as Salem 2017 Best Wedding Venue.