AFFORDABLE DREAM WEDDINGS AT HUBBARD CHAPEL in the countryside of Hubbard, Oregon.


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COVID-19 pandemic was unexpected in 2020.  We are soon to end this year and we are still dealing with all the effects of this horrible sickness.  The life we have lived during the COVID-19 has taught us many lessons about what we must do to protect ourselves, family and business.  It also has taught us how to deal with the events in our lives while we are trying to get through this pandemic.  Such an event that has affected many lives, especially related to WEDDINGS, that is to organize such an event and also to attend a wedding during the pandemic.

Many couples for the last 10 months are trying to decide when it is a safe time to plan their future wedding.  This has created many additional stresses for the couples and the venues. We often hear that old phrase, “we are sweating bullets” on what to do.  Meaning, “do we set a date or just wait until the COVID is over, then plan ahead?”  Many people the Hubbard Chapel has dealt with are doing the same time next year in 2021 from what they were scheduled for in 2020.

Or they are waiting until the vaccine is out and then they are scheduling and not taking the risk. Finally, after waiting eight months, venues are now having their first weddings, but they are following all the state guidelines on the number of attending and face masks and distancing. Weddings that are going ahead with a fall or winter date are cutting their attendance in half from 100 to 50 guests.  This is a hard decision because who do you leave out?

There is a “New Normal” for many ways of life right now and wedding planning is surely experiencing the new normal as well. Changes in wedding planning include the number of guests you are allowed to invite to stay within the guidelines for the area of your venue. Your chapel may only allow 50 guests, but your reception area may allow 100 guests because of the structure of your establishment.  This is unfortunate for the couple if they had always dreamed of having a big wedding and now you are restricted in the number of their guests.

Another change is that now your guest may have to come prepared with a face mask. Yep ladies don’t bother to wear lipstick to match your dress.  Also the food at your wedding reception will be more desirable if it is catered instead of your family preparing the food.  This may add much more cost to your budget that you were not planning. People are saying this may be the new normal for a while but let’s hope we someday soon can go back to our own ways to decide how you want to plan a wedding.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel is located in the center of the Willamette Valley half way between Portland and Salem. When you visit us, you can see and feel the beauty of the surrounding hop fields and farm land.

Affordable Dream Wedding welcomes you to Oregon Best Wedding Venue.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel

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