Today you may have every intention to plan an affordable wedding, but what happens when it ends up turning into an expensive wedding by the time it is over? You start out with basic ideas but as your ideas change along the planning stage your forget your main intent. It is OK, because this is a common occurrence that happens in today’s weddings. As long you stay focused from the start on your goal, then the end result is what really matters. Remember now…this is your day and you want to make it one to remember for many years to come!

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Listed below are some ways your can add to your wedding to keep it affordable but also unique:

  • Write your own wedding vows to each other.  Keep at least part of the wedding vows a secret from each other that you both reveal on your special day.
  • Collect some pictures of your family and friends that may be at events in your life with you in the pictures. Display them in a video as your guests arrive. Keep this video going throughout your day because this will be entertaining for all to see.  This will add laughter and help your guests focus on this special occasion as well.
  • Give a theme to each table at your reception.  Each table theme can relate to a moment in time in your relationship or growing up.  Such as a street name, a city or even teachers you both may of had.
  • Come up with a different style of a Guest Book.  Such as a picture of the couple in a frame and everyone signs it.  Or have them sign a object such as a plate or picture frame that will hang in your future home.
  • Make your own wedding program to be handed out as people arrive.  Put information about the day and also about you and your spouse. Add some personal touches.
  • Include your parents in the spotlight of the wedding somehow.  Remember it is a happy day for them as well. Make a special moment at your wedding ceremony to recognize them.
  • Plan to have a special friend or relative sing or play the piano at your ceremony.  How special would that be and to make a person that is important to you part of your special day.
The picturesque tradition of ringing the belfry will signal to your audience that the proper wedding ceremony has ended and now it’s time for a celebration!

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