• Voted the Best Wedding Venue (Gold) for 2019 by Salem’s Oregon Statesman Journal  
  • Voted the Best Wedding Venue (Gold) 3 years in a row by the Statesman Journal

Affordable Dream Wedding is very proud to win the gold medal for the best wedding venue, for three years in a row, if helps when you have a historic pioneer church built 1892 or a 127 years ago.  We believe this is the oldest continuously run wedding and church in Oregon. For 127 years strait years the chapel has had some type of services at the same location. On many clear evenings it almost appears the belfry is touched by God.


Possibly, the most timeless way of announce the newly married couple since churches were built. The celebration associated with the ringing of the original bell sounding the announcement of your marriage is finalized, is what the wedding couple love.

The Pioneer Wedding chapel has several stained glass windows.

When you come for your tour to see outstanding workmanship and the traditions can offer you when you ring the lovely old centuries sound.

The wedding chapel itself is testament in time and what a church should look like. The large spacious chapel too is designed to recapturing it’s historic pioneer church beginnings. The gleaming wood floors give it a classic charm of yesteryear, the high and vaulted wooden panel ceilings, refurbished very large 127 year old white cedar wooden dovetail centerpiece (that was hidden inside of a wall for a generation),

Notice the kaleidoscoping colors on the hardwood floor in the photo above caused by the many stained glass windows.

many ornate chandeliers, craftsman re-utilized wainscoting combined with rare wood paneling coordinated with crafted refurbished baseboards make this one only a must see destination, but for the bride and groom a very desirable wedding.

Often included in the weddings is our open beam fellowship hall and kitchen which allows both the wedding and reception to be a one convenient location saving all parties lots of time and energy.  The fellowship hall has available of tables and chairs for rental as well along with a long list of available rental items along but includes items basics like Brides suite, Grooms changing room, & Air Conditioning.

Affordable Dream Wedding has won best wedding venue (Gold) in Salem Oregon -Statesman Journal 3 years in a row. We are proud everyone could afford a dream wedding.

The wedding services and kitchen is open to outside catering, this allows you to select far more options at the most competitive prices, plus allowing you to select the food and services you really care to provide, including alcohol.  (This could provide couples a tremendous savings option, plus often with far better food)

Affordable Dream Wedding won Best Wedding Venue – Gold – Three years in a row. Salem Statesman

It has a very nice sizable courtyard allowing for indoor/outdoor wedding activities, with a lovely water fountain, and a welcoming entry trellis.

Just as important to us is the outstanding wedding support, even though the best might never see this on your glorious day, The Affordable Dream Wedding staff lead by the owner Carrie has seen nothing but 5 star reviews on Google.  She is one of the kindest and supportive persons in the entire wedding industry. Everyone has loved here outstanding services, she tries to provide each wedding the dream event what you deserve.

Affordable Dream Wedding is located in the center of the Willamette Valley half way between Portland and Salem. When you visit us, you can see and feel the beauty of the surrounding hop fields and farm land.

Affordable Dream Wedding welcomes you to Oregon Best Wedding Venue.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel
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