Hands down the Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel is by far the lowest-priced. The most surprising thing to us– they have won the most awards as Best Wedding Venue three times in a row, where we could not find any awards for the local competitors.

We completed the survey based on the following factors:

  1. Accommodations
  2. Locations
  3. 100 Guests Prices
  4. Awards
The kaleidoscope lighting through the many stained glass windows warms the Hickory hardwood floors of this historic chapel.

Compared to several low-cost local wedding venues, Hubbard Chapel is by far the overall leader in price (often only about ⅓ the price!) and also judged by profession newspaper third party awards (such as The Salem Statesman Journal) as the best wedding venue.


Name of Venue City Price for 8 hours               
with 100 guests or less
Affordable Dream Weddings at Hubbard Chapel Hubbard $1,175 Best Wedding Venue of the Mid-Valley Gold(2017, 2018, 2019)
Newell House Museum St. Paul $1,900 None posted
Laurelhurst Club Portland $2,400 None posted
Tumwater Ballroom Oregon City $3,000 None posted
St. Josef’s Canby $3,450 None posted
Pioneer Chapel Weddings Aurora $3,500 None posted
Postlewait’s Country Canby $5,200 None posted
Water Oasis Newberg $5,200 None posted
Abernethy Oregon City $5,800 None posted
Very nice inside and out at Hubbard Chapel

Hubbard Chapel is incredibly affordable when it comes to price.  They give you the ability to choose between using only the chapel or reception hall or to use both the chapel and the reception hall for your wedding day. This makes Hubbard Chapel a very convenient place to hold your wedding, because you can have both the Chapel and the reception in one location. This not only saves money but also time. If you have family and friends coming from a faraway location you don’t want to spend a lot of time driving between locations.  You want to share that rare quality time together as much as possible.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel has a large variety of accommodations that provide very good service for your dream wedding. Other Amenities include:

  • Belltower ringing
  • Elegant decoration
  • Great acoustics
  • Sound system
  • Air conditioning
  • Bride and Groom changing rooms
  • Tables, chairs, a bar, plates, silverware, podium
  • Parking with wheelchair accessibility
  • Greeting area
  • Kitchen with a stove and refrigerator
  • Outstanding Service
  • and so much more!

Another outstanding benefit is they allow outside catering and bar services. This is possibly the most costly aspect of a wedding, and they allow you to shop the entire market for services instead of a high-priced few or a single provider.  This allows you better and higher quality food and drink, but food that is more along with your tastes, or even better yet your wedding theme. Without a doubt this gives you a tremendous ability to reduce even more the often absorbent high costs of a wedding. They even allow decorating the Chapel to fit your image of a Dream Wedding.

YES, you can easily afford the award-winning wedding you have always dreamed about.

If you would like to take a tour, please give Carrie, at Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel, a call at (503) 459-1267 or email her at hubbardchapel@gmail.com

The above chart comparing our price, for 8 hours with 100 guests or less, with other local venues in the area of Hubbard Oregon, Prices quoted off current WeddingWire 8-20-2019.