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The pandemic coronavirus is affecting every individual in the world in some way. It has impacted our future weddings as couples make their wedding plans. Every couple is trying to decide on unanswered questions for their wedding day during this pandemic.  No one knows what lies ahead, or the timing of how long this horrible virus will harm people, as you make difficult decisions of what to do with your wedding plans. 

Affordable Dream Wedding was voted Best Wedding Venue three years in a row!

We have heard people make the comment that a “wedding crasher” will be that (sick) person at your wedding. Perhaps coronavirus is the worse wedding crasher in recent history.  Most of the upcoming weddings have been planned after a year of preparations. Their 100 guests that had planned to attend their spring March wedding will be attending via live stream online as they exchange vows. This is one way we are seeing weddings continue on the date they had planned.

At this time Oregon Governor Kate Brown has ordered an end to all gatherings that are more than 10 people, as she was directed by CDC advisories.  This is a rule that is stretching across the nation. Usually, it is rare to have a wedding event with less than 10 people. Now what does the future couple decide to do for their scheduled wedding this spring or summer that is planned for more than 10 people?

Should I postpone or cancel my wedding?

It seems that many weddings that have been scheduled for the next three months are rescheduling for September thru November of this year.  Most couples are choosing to postpone and reschedule rather than cancel, to avoid losing their deposits on their venue and rentals. Be sure you won’t have regrets if you decide to have a courthouse wedding instead of a ceremony to avoid these virus problems. You will not have a wedding ceremony and celebration to look back on. Pictures of your special wedding day will live forever. Encouraging couples to postpone their wedding is the best decision, because we are all in this together to make it a wedding celebration to remember forever for them.

Affordable Dream Wedding historic belfry.

If you are going to postpone and reschedule your wedding day you need to do it immediately.  When you send out notices to your guest that you have postponed your wedding you can give them your new date at the same time. Think of it this way, everyone else will be trying to get a new date too, and you want to schedule before your date is taken.

We will get through this, and your wedding celebration will still happen and be the best day ever.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel is located in the center of the Willamette Valley half way between Portland and Salem. When you visit us, you can see and feel the beauty of the surrounding hop fields and farm land.

Affordable Dream Wedding welcomes you to Oregon’s Best Wedding Venue.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel
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