We are now in the year of 2020 which has a lot of significance to dates that fall on a Saturday throughout the year.  It is pretty easy to remember 2020 as the year you were married. It does have a nice sound to it when you think in the future of saying “I was married in 2020.”

Here are some dates throughout 2020 that have a nice rhythm to them when deciding your wedding day. It’s a good idea to decide now so you can reserve your favorite venue before your date is taken.







Not every year has dates that correlate like this year of 2020.  So have fun finding that date like the ones above and remember to book it soon.

The outside grounds to the Affordable Dream Wedding @ Hubbard Chapel are there for your enjoyment and are the perfect setting for pictures and long lasting memories.

Having an efficient budget for your wedding means less stress for you and your family. When finalizing the decision for your dream wedding the last item to check off is the bottom line price. Doing things yourself is a great way to cut down on many of your wedding costs.

Create an efficient budget to make your wedding pleasant and relaxing for you and your family. You can have a very special dream wedding at an affordable price. Just keep in mind that once you have decided on your venue (location + price), the best way to cut down on the cost of your wedding is to try and do as many things yourself instead of hiring outside services.

There are many ways to cut down on your a wedding event costs, but the most important one is picking the wedding venue/reception, because once you decide the place, that triggers all the questions about your outside needs for the event itself. If you can find a wedding/reception venue that accepts outside catering, this will help your bottom dollar cost.

Here are some questions you should ask:

1. Does the wedding venue have a reception area in the same location?

Not only is this a big cost savings, but this really does make the wedding more enjoyable. If you have both wedding venue and reception at one location you will usually have an upfront savings. This should be preferred by the bride and groom because it also cuts down on travel time. This is attractive to attending family and friends, because it keeps everyone together, whereas if you move to a different location for the reception you will lose guests along the way.

Historic Hubbard Chapel built in 1892 with Vintage Charm.

2. Does the wedding reception allow outside catering at your venue?

This in many cases is the most expensive item of the wedding. This is where being forced to use a preferred caterer or a location’s in-house kitchen gets expensive. Venue’s often charge so much per attendee while only offering a limited selection. Your budget will increase greatly!

We strongly recommend you select a reception venue that allows outside catering so you have an unlimited selection of vendors and foods available. Your food can match your wedding theme as well. Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel in Hubbard, Oregon for example offers you the flexibility to use any outside catering companies to serve in their kitchen, which is a great opportunity to make alternative choices on types of food and lower costs at the same time.

Have your weddings, corporate events, funerals, church, conferences, and community functions at our low cost Affordabledreamwedding.com and convenient location. As you walk into our main entrance (as seen above) you will be treated to a high level of care that you and your party deserve when celebrating life.

Also they give you the flexibility to do your own food if you choose to. There are many wedding venues that only allow you to use their own caterers or a selected few. Affordable Dream Weddings at Hubbard Chapel leaves it up to you, so this can help to lower the cost on the menu plan for all your guests.

Potlucks are making a comeback at wedding receptions. This is also a way to save. You can supply the main entree and ask your guests to bring something to share. We see weddings that ask for no gifts but for everyone to bring a food item to share as a potluck. Food carts are also becoming more popular as they supply food to your venue from the parking lot.

Be creative and think outside the box when it comes to saving at your wedding.  When you find a venue that has the chapel and reception hall all at the same site, you’re saving a load of money right at the planning stage.

Celebrate your occasion in our 1892 original Affordable Dream Wedding Chapel and banquet facility for events of any kind.

Hubbard Chapel is a 127 year old “Pioneer Wedding Chapel” venue that caters to both those needs in your planning.  We have been voted Best Wedding Venue in Oregon three years in a row. Our prices are very affordable when you compare us to other venues that are offered in the Portland and Salem neighboring areas.  Guests that come for a tour repeatedly comment on our lower prices compared to others.

Remember your wedding is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event and you want it to be a happy moment in time that you will always reflect back on.  So stick to the budget that you and your family decide is realistic for you both. Our best advice is to make choosing your venue and food a top priority because those are the most costly items on your special day.

Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel in Hubbard, Oregon  is a great choice for your Wedding Venue  Ceremony and Reception in Oregon.                                                                    

Call or email for a tour by Carrie at Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel  to see if this is your dream spot for your Wedding venue.

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