When you are thinking about where you would like to have your dream wedding reception there are factors to consider in making your selection.  Listed below are some things to consider in selecting the place to make your day a time to remember for many years ahead:


Finding a location that is compatible for both family and friends is the best, but remember in today’s world people like to go somewhere new that is away from their dwelling place.  This makes the occasion even more special for people to make the trip to come to your special day. Also having a location that is not far off a major highway makes it easy for people coming from many directions.

Affordably Dream Wedding Reception Room,

The closer the Reception is to the Wedding Venue the better it is

The best fit would be at the same location. Often when the wedding parties move locations you lose many friends or family members. The farther apart the reception is from the wedding venue, the more likely you will lose guests. We strongly recommend, if possible, use the same facility. In many cases, this is a lower cost option if you’re on a budget. If saving money is important, you should read this.

A Room that fits

This is something that is misjudged for many wedding parties.  Make sure the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list.  The room may look enormous when it’s empty, but the wedding essentials like tables, chairs, food bar, band or DJ space, and the dance floor area will fill up quickly. Not to mention the number of guests. If you find the venue site that you like and it’s the right price for your budget, you can always work backward and make your guest list match the venue.


There are large hotels in major cities across the world that hold several weddings receptions at the same time in one building.  If so, it is important to make sure your wedding reception is private from the others. When you can find a wedding reception venue where you are the only party for that day in that location, it makes your wedding special.  This is ideal because the place is yours for the duration of your party on your wedding day. Also it’s great to have the privacy of a room at the wedding venue where you can put your things that you packed for your reception. Having a Bride’s Room is very accommodating for changing into your wedding dress and makeup, and also at the end of the ceremony to put your going away clothes on as well.

Hubbard Chapel Courtyard make for an outstanding outside setting.

Eating, Drinking and Partying Area

There should be a logical place within your venue/reception hall where your guests can eat, drink, mingle and dance.  When you visit your venue to plan your party, it is very important to envision where all the activities of your event will happen.  If you have a hard time planning the logistics of your wedding, you should take a family member, friend or wedding planner with you to help make those DIY plans.  This will help you plan how many tables and chairs you need to ask for on the day of your wedding.  Also, there are many other layouts in the room to consider as well before you are ready to set up, such as where will the cake table, gift table, wedding party and bride and groom table be placed? Also, where is the place for the bar and DJ?  If there is a rolling bar available, but you plan not to have alcohol, is it OK for you to use it as a dessert bar or even a candy bar? Candy bars have become very popular at weddings.

Outdoor Patio

Today, wedding parties like the option of having an indoor / outdoor option for the event. Especially if the wedding is ending in the late summer evening.  You could set up an outside lounge or bar, or provide open groom space for your smokers. This approach makes the whole event feel much more roomy.  


Some wedding receptions take place during the day or in the evening.  You need to be able to see what the lighting for the room has to offer.  The best option is a dimmer switch where you can turn the lights down to set the mood of the room with the lights creating more of a romantic setting.  See if your reception hall will allow candles at each of the tables, or battery operated candles are amazingly effective. These battery operated candles are expensive but stress free and they are something you can use at future events or give as a gift to friends and family.  Visit the site of your wedding at the time of your planned event. This will answer lots of your questions about how it will look and what you need to use for decorations to help set the mood of your event.

The Room’s Color Palette  

This is something that is missed many times in planning your event.  Remember if the carpet, chair color, artwork hanging from the walls are not part of the theme of your wedding it will not make you happy on your wedding day.  At some venues they let you take down the art work and replace it with your decor, or you can bring your own chairs in or use chair covers. This is very important. Do not overlook this decision.  Non-removable decor may clash with your theme and is a feature you have to incorporate into your plans. Your party’s mood and theme is your wish for your special day, so keep that in mind in selecting your wedding reception hall.

Notice the kaleidoscoping colors on the hardwood floor in the photo above caused by the many stained glass windows.  Affordable Dream Wedding and Reception.

Wedding Receptions with a Good Reputation

You need to cross check the internet and find two or three separate rating services. We understand that Google and Facebook often have reviews that are not honest and are purchased.  Make sure the rating and reviews match up over a couple of social media platforms and the provider’s own website.

If your reception venue was rated very high by an independent third party that would be best. Finding 5-Star ratings across many platforms and services is probably an indication of a very good wedding reception provider.  Finding highly public, well-known third party validation as well as high Google / Facebook ratings is almost always a winner.

Ample Outlets

Do a check around the room for plenty of power outlets, especially for your band or DJ. This may be very important for them.  Also, ask the venue manager where the power box is in case they blow the fuse. This can happen just by having many things plugged into your kitchen space.  Think ahead. Knowing these locations can eliminate stress as the party is going strong.

Plenty of Parking

Make sure you have lots of parking for all your guests near where the reception hall is located.  Also, make sure that it is a safe area as well for your family and friends to park. This could be a deal breaker. You need to think of your guests who are attending, young and old.

Plan What If?

Yes, rain could put a damper on your outdoor wedding. Yikes!!  You need to have an alternative plan of action if Mother Nature takes charge on your wedding day with rain or snow.  Make sure there is an indoor space you can use should the weather turn, or an option to set up a huge durable tent if you are sure you still want the event outside in the open air.

Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel in Hubbard, Oregon is a great location for your reception along with the chapel for your ceremony– All under one roof for your wedding day. Many of the items listed above for selecting the right place for your reception are available at Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel. This is a location you need to see for yourself, and you can decide if it is a place that you can visualize for your special day.

Call or email for a tour by Carrie at Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel  to see if this is your dream spot for your Wedding reception.
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