To find a venue that is pleasing to your pocketbook and your dream future wedding– that is hard to find in today’s world.  There are some key factors to consider when looking for the best venue and what you plan to add to your day will determine if you can make it an affordable event for your long awaited wedding.

Historic Chapel built in 1892 with Vintage Charm…with a Bell Tower Ringing available for your special occasion.

I will list a few factors to keep in mind when you are looking for your venue and reception to keep your plan on budget for your pioneer wedding.

  1. Location: Like your old business textbooks would say…location, location, location. Go out from the city and your prices will drop immediately.
  2. Flowers: Who says you need to buy the traditional flowers like the magazines and movies portray…no, i suggest designing your flowers yourself or ask a family member that has good taste to help you put them together.
  3. DJ: For music, you don’t need to hire a DJ.  Have a friend or family member design a music list for you on a thumbdrive. Ask a family member or friend to run the music.  You will be surprised how many are capable of this skill. We listed some music ideas here.
  4. Buying your wedding dress: Remember you are wearing it for one day.  You are growing up in a good era. Today there are many consignment shops and don’t forget Amazon.  Look for the one that you will love for the rest of your life as well. Don’t buy the one your mom or sister-in-law likes.  Remember buy the one you fall in love with…not just on the hanger. You have to try it on.
  5. Photographer: You don’t need the top of the line photographer.  Look among your guest list for anyone who is photographer on the side or just talented.  Or find someone that wants to practice. Maybe someone who is studying photography? This is cool and will drop the cost way down.
The outside grounds to the chapel are there for your enjoyment and are the perfect setting for pictures and long lasting memories.

Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel in Hubbard, Oregon is a great choice for your Wedding Venue Ceremony and Reception in Oregon

Affordable Dream Weddings/Hubbard Chapel is a 127-year old “Pioneer Wedding Chapel” caters to both the ceremony and reception venue needs in your planning.  We have been voted Best Wedding Venue in Oregon 3 years in a row. Our prices are very affordable when you compare us to other venues that are offered in the Portland and Salem neighboring areas.  Call or email for a tour by Carrie at Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel  to see if this is your dream spot for your Wedding venue.

Hubbard Oregon