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UNSTEADINESS: The feeling and puzzlement that most couples are having around the world as they are planning a wedding in 2020. Due to this current crisis the world is experiencing, many people have been stuck in a state of unrest. Many have had to reschedule their wedding date, not just once but twice.

Although many people were feeling confident this past spring to move their wedding date to late summer or early fall, now they have to change the date again because if schools are cancelled in our area of Oregon, then weddings are the next in line to be cancelled.

There are many weddings that were planning a 300 person guest list in the early fall of 2020 but that is not an option with all the restrictions that the state governors are restricting. This same wedding that was planning a guest list of 300 has changed to a guest list of 10.  This has been the governor’s request of not having any gatherings of more than 10. Even though the wedding family will be saving lots of money on their special event, there is still the fear that in the future they will always feel a regret that they didn’t have the dream wedding they have always wanted.

A lot of couples are doing a double strategy, they are marrying now in a small private wedding and then planning a welcoming and grand wedding with all their families and friends.  This allows for incredible flexibility and the brides and grooms can still, in time, have their wonderful dream wedding.

If you are feeling this unsteadiness and the fear of the unknown with your dream wedding up in the air, we want to reach out and help you through this process. To help ensure that you are able to come back to a state of steadiness and security while having the best possible dream wedding.

We at Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel are working every day to make sure we improve our historic church building, so that when you select your future dates for a special wedding, we will be more than ready. So, finally, you could have the wedding of your dreams. –Carrie Durig

Now back to the facts: They have to request that those who rent their dream wedding facility work within Oregon laws and rules.

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