• Gold Award for the Best Wedding Venue for the past two years.
  • The ringing of the old, historical bell was what warmed my heart.
  • Hubbard Chapel is a very beautiful pioneer chapel.

Oregon’s Affordable & Award Winning ” Best Wedding Venue” & Pioneer Church

We wanted to know what contributing factors helped it become awarded the Gold Award for the Best Wedding Venue, for the past two years by the Salem Statesman Journal.

For almost any wedding chapel, not only a pioneer wedding chapel, its prices are very affordable. Though it was built over 125 years ago, it seems that prices stayed in the mid century for years. For example, the chapel and reception, with indoor and outdoor seating in the summer, for less than 6 hours, is under $1000. Our research says the wedding and reception venue could take up about half the budget. A stylish, old-fashioned, church with spectacular accommodations, for under $1,000 is an amazing deal. No wonder it has won the best wedding two years in a row, this deal results in being able to afford a nicer wedding or even save a lot of money to buy a house!

Affordable Dream Wedding has won best wedding venue (Gold) in Salem Oregon -Statesman Journal 3 years in a row. We are proud everyone could afford a dream wedding.

Knowing that the price is right, the question that still remained was; what are the accommodations? While touring Hubbard Chapel, the ringing of the old, historical bell was what warmed my heart, it makes me feel like I am apart of a classic where the newlyweds are welcomed into marriage by the toll of a church bell.

The service has been rated one of the best, it’s ran by a lovely woman who gives you the old-fashioned personal attention that everyone desires, nothing like a 21st century, click of a button on the computer.

The chapel is gorgeous, seating 100-125 which is more than enough if your going to have an affordable wedding. Please remember inviting more that 125 people to your wedding adds on an extra cost with each person added.

Personally Hubbard Chapel is a very beautiful pioneer chapel with stained glass windows, hardwood floors, and open ceilings. Even though I am not a fan of old church pews, these pews illuminate the classic vibe that any couple would want.

amazing dream wedding

Beautiful 126 Year Old Pioneer Church with Angel Glow, Hubbard Chapel in Hubbard, Oregon.

When people think about Hubbard, their first thought is why would I want to get married in Hubbard?  You are given a halfway point between Salem and Portland, and a relaxing drive. Hubbard is not a congested big city, there’s no parking issues and there is no stress before you enter the city of Hubbard. This is the place you can relax, where time slows down enough so you can enjoy your time with your family. The reason why it is recommended to have the wedding and the reception at the same time, is because more and more people are searching for this quality time with their family.

To add on top of this already desirable landscape, the chapel itself is very spacious where everyone can see the action, it contains improved bathrooms, a nice bridal room, seating for a good sized group, an entryway that attracts the eye and the heart, a well kept kitchen and air conditioning throughout. In the back is a very comfortable, large, stamped patio with a peaceful water fountain. This is where you are able to have the freedom from the loud city and enter into this historical town picked right out of a storybook. The service, being very compatible and flexible, is remarkable.

If you desire this peaceful and very affordable wedding, that is “one for the books”, please visit: www.affordabledreamwedding.com

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel

Winning “Best Wedding Venue” two years in a row.


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