How do you feel about having your wedding during major holidays? Very soon, many holidays will be upon us. Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel has over the years entertained a number of weddings for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s holidays. We have often seen the Pioneer Chapel decorated to suit the time of the occasion. Consider this time period for your special day and make it fun for everyone, but most of all memorable for the two of you.

Celebrate your occasion in our 1892 original Affordable Dream Wedding Chapel and banquet facility for events of any kind. Have your weddings, corporate events, funerals, church, conferences, and community functions at our low cost and convenient location.

There is a school of thought for some engaged couples to plan their big day when everybody is already gathering for a major holiday.  That makes Thanksgiving weekend, or the week between Christmas and New Year’s, the perfect time to get married. Halloween, with so many ways to decorate, has always been a popular time to have a wedding.  We have seen many couples entertain their guest with a Halloween theme to their wedding. Of course, the Valentine’s season is a very popular time to make your special day come alive.

Many years ago my husband and I got married on a holiday weekend: The Fourth of July.  I appreciate it every year because we always take a few extra days for an anniversary vacation.  I would not have planned it any different because we benefit from this decision every year.

This is the same school of thought for the holidays coming up. Your guests will appreciate it because they will have an extra day of vacation to travel or spend time to be in the area for your wedding events.

A holiday theme to your wedding makes accessorizing your wedding fun and easy, for considerably less money than many other themes.  Candy canes and faux holly or pumpkins for example can become part of your decor easily.  Simplify the struggle to choose your flowers when a garland can serve as your table decor at Christmas. Garlands are easy to get and they can be used for many years to come in your home.  Planning your own wedding can be fun and rewarding. For those interested in lowering their overall wedding costs, choosing Affordable Dream Wedding will save them significantly compared to the competition.

As we get closer to the thick of the holiday season your mind is on turkey, Christmas trees, and presents– not weddings.  Think about changing that thought to lessen your stress. The holidays have a romantic feel to them with the music and lights.  That is what makes a wedding special– giving you that inter feeling of a romance that lasts forever. There are some solid perks to having your wedding during the holiday season.

Come for a tour of Affordable Dream Weddings/Hubbard Chapel in Oregon, and see if this is the place for your special day.  We were Voted Best Wedding Venue in Oregon 3 years in a row, by the Salem Statesman Journal.

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