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Durig the fall and winter of 2019 there were many engagement party celebrations around the world and planning began for future weddings that would be happening in 2020. The thoughts of today are not of counting the days til that couple’s wedding.  The thought of coronavirus has put a screeching halt to many future plans and events such as your wedding day.

Affordable Dream Wedding @ Hubbard Chapel  is committed to making your special event a lasting and cherished memory.

The question on the minds of many future wedding couples is, “do we continue to plan our wedding for the existing wedding day or do we start re-planning for an alternative wedding day?”

Since we don’t know when it will be safe to gather in groups, many people are uncertain if they should reschedule and don’t even know what date may be safe to pick if they do want to shift their plans.  When you change the date of your already scheduled wedding day you are faced with the prospect of losing deposits and vendors, impacting your budget and upsetting many people’s dream wedding.

It feels like a gamble to pick a new date to reschedule your wedding because nobody really knows when we will be back to normal.  We hear lots of predictions but it is truly a gamble of when it is best. Not everyone has the time to wait, for many reasons.  It seems that when a couple picks their wedding date it is usually for a good reason, such as the same date as their parents, in memory of someone from the past, or even for military reasons.

This is a time of anxiety for anyone with a wedding scheduled in the near future, June thru August.  Sad to say the March thru May weddings have already been cancelled and rescheduled. For early summer weddings it would be a good idea to start thinking of a Plan B in case our government does not open up businesses or increase the number of people that are allowed in a group setting.

“I have some weddings this coming summer that originally planned on 100 guest but are now worried they will have to cut their guest list down 75%, or down to 25 guests or less.” — Carrie, Affordable Dream Weddings

Notice Hubbard Chapel’s kaleidoscoping colors on the hardwood floor in the photo above caused by the many stained glass windows.

These are difficult times for the vendors and the venues that wedding couples are thinking about choosing. It is a loss for everyone at this time. We must all work together to get through this difficult period in the world. The coronavirus is impacting every industry out there and what we are focused on at this time is the wedding industry. As a result of this virus many factories and businesses are closed down. Specifically one is China, where 80% of wedding dresses are produced.

To sum up, there are many parts of a wedding event that will make a big impact on your special wedding day.  Please be patient and trust that this virus will be 100% controlled at some time in the near future and it will become a distant memory long after your happy wedding day.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel is located in the center of the Willamette Valley halfway between Portland and Salem. When you visit them, you can see and feel the beauty of the surrounding hop fields and farm land.

Affordable Dream Wedding welcomes you to Oregon’s Best Wedding Venue.

Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel
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