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Take your heavenly vows in our new restored low cost 1890 craftsman built chapel, providing your wedding with a century of traditions, using it’s large spacious chapel to recapturing it’s historic pioneer church beginnings. The gleaming wood floors giving it a classic charm of yesteryear, the high and vaulted wooden panel ceilings, refurbished very large 120 year old white cedar wooden dovetail centerpiece

(that was hidden inside of a wall for a generation), many ornate chandeliers, craftsman reutilized wainscoting combined with rare wood paneling coordinated with crafted refurbished baseboards make it a must see destination.

Glittering light originated from the many bountiful stained glass windows,  giving the wedding a level of illuminated warmth with an distinctive kaleidoscope appearance on the many crafted organic woods such as Oregon coast white cedar, local handcrafted birch, Willamette Valley Douglas fir, local hemlock, with hickory harden floors, along with foundation material of century old regional redwood and brick, add in solid oak church pews all making this a chapel that greatly enhanced the pioneer warmth and history for a wedding especially knowing that whenever possibly the all building materials were recycled.

We select natural organic colored in our wedding chapel, knowing that the bride, in a white or brightly colored dress, would absolutely pop as the center attention.



Partake in an insuring tradition of cementing together a long lasting and blissful relationship  while enjoying your marriage’s first collective experience, that will forever be imprinted in your loving memory, by ringing the wedding bells in the church belfry.


The ringing sweet harmony  and  picturesque tradition will signal to your audience that the proper wedding ceremony has ended and now it’s time for a celebration!

“The ringing of bells is a old Irish tradition to keep evil spirits away and also remind the married couple of their past wedding vows as they’re completing the traditional wedding ceremony”.


Now you can leave the sweet smelling of cedar in our chapel into our  adjacent  fragrance of delightful food in our affordable banquet room and relax and enjoying the warmth and glow of a warm fire as your backdrop. Your new spouse and you can engage in chats, tell stories and toast good times together with families and companions under a grand wood and exposed wood beam ceiling.

See how our reception room color can match your wedding colors.

Or you want to a reception room with the warm look.hubbard fire place


It’s time to turn down the ornate chandeliers so you can appreciating the time, knowing only steps away you can taste the delightful food and drink, with the lavish banquet where you can be more relaxed and enjoy with your relationships and gratifying friends knowing you don’t have to relocate.

Now it’s time to celebrate, we created a coordinated remote LED light system to turn the reception room into a rainbow colors in a way to match your wedding colors, plus give a modern exciting party atmosphere providing a bright and flashing multicolor environment or select a classic and traditional simple easy to change low and or high white light room.


You can have an indoor out door wedding with all or parts of it outdoors in our courtyard.  If it rains you could move it inside giving many options.

hubbard-chapel courtyard

Venture outside for your pleasure, enjoying the fresh air and the many stars in the sky that only a small town could provide, in our outdoor court with water fountain making this an unforgettable event.   Reduce the overall stress and tensions knowing you have one of the best managed operations and facility to help guide you through one of the most important days of your life.

Utilizing a single location with plenty of free on site parking, thus providing your friends and love ones an easy access to Portland and Salem with wheelchair access designed to complete your wedding experience plus giving you more time with your family and relations, providing them  with the pleasure of being comfortable and content, while saving time, and money.


The bride with a nice oversize mirror

The Grooms

At the Hubbard Chapel, you may bring your own food or catering, along with your choice of vendors, or choose from our preferred vendor list. Alcohol is allowed.

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Original Sweet Sounding Church Bell
Brides Changing Room
Groom Changing Room
Religious Cross
Air Conditioning
Sound System
Gift/Guest Book Table
Greeting area
Kitchen with Stove and Refrigerator
and much more.

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