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You can now afford that dream wedding !

The Pioneer Church known as Weddings @ Hubbard Chapel provides an lovely and desirable wedding chapel in a restored church chapel built in 1894. This chapel can include an manicured outdoor courtyard with fountain and reception room with kitchen and mobile bar venue for wedding and reception venue for Wilsonville Oregon and the sounding Wilsonville community. We are only a 9 miles from Wilsonville by and our location is centrally located between Portland, Salem and Wilsonville. We provide a elegant clean and affordable historic environment that new wedding couples love.

Weddings @ Hubbard Chapel is proud of the many wedding articles and high ratings from round the Wilsonville area:  What the local newspaper say about our Wedding Venue here and Refurbished historic church as Wedding Chapel here.


2015 Best Wedding Venue Winner by


Now you could afford your dream wedding !

Having the abilities to providing high quality weddings, outdoor courtyard for greeting and or festivities and or reception area at the same location greatly reducing everyone’s commute time between separate locations, not to mention the very large savings, this gives everyone much more time from your dear loved ones and less headaches.

We would like to offer the Wilsonville community to our historic chapel built in 1892.

See how our reception room color can match your wedding colors.See our outdoor courtyard and water fountainhubbard courtyard.

Weddings @ Hubbard Chapel is a lovely historic church with a rich history. We welcome the citizens of Wilsonville to our Chapel to chime the bells to protect the new marriage, in this old Irish Tradition to keep evil spirits away and also remind all married couple of their wedding vows, as you ‘tie the knot’ when you exit the church.

The Post Card.

Hear the bells that kids love to ring.


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