Congratulations!  You’re engaged? You now have an engagement ring on your finger, for which you have been waiting for many years. When and where shall our Wedding day celebration take place? This is a question that may be in your thoughts right now.  Family and friends will be asking you this question until you make this decision.  Don’t panic but it is a worry. The average couple is engaged for one year before their wedding day. 

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In that one year you have so many things to check off the list. The three most important things to do once you have been engaged is to decide on the date and location.  Then your dress, of course, so you can order and have it on time.

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming. Our best recommendation is to do a wedding planning checklist along with a timeline of when they need to be done. The whole process will become more fun and less stressful if you follow guidelines. Remember, you have the whole year to plan it so take each month and make plans on what you need to have done for each month. Take your time to plan; don’t plan everything in the first few weeks of your engagement.

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Here is some planning advice for 2020 (some will be surprised by this): Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the new standard, such as pick your color and then pick different designs in the same solid color.  This will also surprise you: dried flowers are the new bloom as the nontraditional flower. Instead of long stem fresh flowers it is more traditional to find some ever so beautiful dried flowers.  Think in the eyes of one of your bridesmaids, they will be so thrilled to take their dried flower bouquet home to display and enjoy all year. They will think of you long after since your dried flowers are on display. How cool is that?

KNOW your budget!  This is important so there are no surprises later on.  Some of the biggest causes of stress in the planning process are based on financial means.  Keep this in mind when you make your budget for your wedding event.

Our “Don’t Rush” recommendation is to decide on the date and location, then take a break and not to rush.  Make it a fun event for all by keeping the stress low. We have seen people that have a family member help make all the plans just to keep the stress low.  Enjoy the process of making your wedding come alive in just the way you have always dreamed it.

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